Samantha Hoopes photographed by Dove Shore

I love her with all my heart and I am fairly certain she does not reciprocate my affection.



It was a Return to the Jedi kinda night. Always my all time favorite movie.

Interesting that this image was taken while my favorite sequence in all of film was being filmed, but does not appear in Return of the Jedi, expect in posters.



Does it look like Vader’s wearing a grill to anyone else?

I had a reprint of this poster in college (and still have) because The Empire Strikes Back will always be my favorite film.



Star Wars Surprise

I have an idea, which should be top secret, but I have no way to influence events at a major motion picture studio, so I will share my theory on how Disney should market Star Wars. 

As the whole world ought to know, Disney purchased Lucasfilm last October and they are going to produce a sequel Star Wars trilogy set 30 years after Return of the Jedi.  What is less well know is that there will be spinoff films released every other year in between the main Skywalker Episodes.  

Recently it has been theorized that because Disney also owns Marvel and they plan to release Avengers: The Age of Ultron in May of 2015, they may not release Episode VII in its traditional Memorial Day weekend slot to compete with their other blockbuster franchise.  Badass Digest has suggested that Disney is considering moving Star Wars to December.  As an unabashed Star Wars fanatic, I’m offended by the mere thought, so If had Disney’s considerable mouse ear, I’d not so politely suggest that they move the Avengers in deference to Star Wars, in fact I already did.

If, however, they insist on going through with this ill-conceived plan they have a tremendous opportunity to completely stun the movie world.  Harrison Ford recently lamented to the rag called the NY Times that today’s environment denies film-goers the surprise of seeing a picture uncluttered by the media machine.  In keeping with that sentiment, Lucasfilm could secretly be filming a completely separate movie at Pinewood Studios where they are currently building sets for Episode VII.  Then when VII premieres in December of 2015, they could stun fans when they attach a trailer for the spin-off film to be released a mere six months later in May 2016! 

The very best thing would be for that film to be the pre-rebellion adventures of Han Solo and Chewbacca, especially if Harrison Ford gets his Return of the Jedi wish fulfilled and Han Solo unfortunately meets his end.  While not welcome, it could set up the premise for a Solo offspring revenge tale in Episode VIII. 

Just some unsolicited advice, sure to go nowhere.  


2014 Big Ten Divisions

My beloved Big Ten conference has expanded again and this spring they will announce their new divisional alignment due to the additions of The University of Maryland and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. 

As an Illini, I was pretty pleased with who we played annually in the Leaders/Legends alignment of the last two years.  Therefore, I always think of our rivalries games as being the most important in divisional alignment.  In order to protect these long-standing rivalries I propose a Charter Member Division of the original 6 founding members plus Ohio State.  Opposite them in the Expanded Division would be the other 7 member institutions added over time. 

Charter: Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue, Illinois, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Expanded: Penn State, Michigan State, Indiana, Maryland, Rutgers, Nebraska and Iowa.

Each team would still have a dedicated cross-division rival so that Ohio State-Penn Stare, Michigan-Michigan State, Purdue-Indiana, Illinois-Maryland, Northwestern-Rutgers, Wisconsin-Nebraska, and the Minnesota-Iowa series would all remain uninterrupted or initiated in the case of the new members playing the Illinois schools.

The following trophy games would be played annually: Little Brown Jug, Paul Bunyan, Paul Bunyan’s Axe, The Old Brass Spittoon, The Old Oaken Bucket, The Cannon, The Land of Lincoln, Illibuck, Floyd of Rosedale, The Landgrant Trophy, and whatever they are calling the Nebraska-Iowa game presented by Hyvee.  Everybody Wins.


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